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Merry Vizmas! Follow our Viz Advent Calendar.

Happy December! To kick off the month, Team Public went through all of the previous Viz of the Day winners for 2014 and rounded up our favorites into a nifty little advent calendar for you. Follow...
4 months ago

#VizMakeover Contest

Editor's note: As part of #TableauDesignMonth - Part 2 we ran a #VizMakeover competition: redesign the What is the World’s Biggest Cash Crop viz by Information is Beautiful. We were amazed by the...
4 months ago

Drawing and Data Visualizations: A Tool To Allow Connections To Be Made

Editor's note: This #TableauDesignMonth guest blog post was written by Giorgia Lupi of Accurat. Information Design is playing an increasingly critical role in every project that uses...
4 months ago

Five Ways to Balance Data and Design in Tableau without Graphic Design

Ryan Sleeper is the Director of Data Visualization & Analysis at Evolytics in Kansas City, Missouri. Ryan is the founder and leader of the Kansas City Tableau User Group, a Tableau Conference...
4 months ago

Design choices: is the juice worth the squeeze?

Editor's note: As part of Tableau Design Month - Part 2 we are excited to have Tableau's social media manager, blogger ( and all round data viz guru Andy Cotegreave contributing...
4 months ago

5 Easy Ways to Pimp Your Viz

At this year’s Tableau Conference in Seattle, I held a session called Pimp My Viz. Here’s the teaser for it: In the session, I took a few audience-submitted vizzes and “pimped” them, just as Xzibit...
4 months ago

Making Responsive Tableau Dashboards

Editor's note: As part of Tableau Design Month - Part 2 we are excited to have Dwight Worley from The Journal News/ contributing this guest blog post for us. I have been a Tableau...
5 months ago
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