Regular dispatches from the Tableau Public Team.

Intro to Level of Detail Expressions

If you’ve looked at any Tableau 9.0 material, you’ve likely seen the phrase “LOD Expressions”. Don’t be afraid! Level of Detail (LOD) Expressions can be extremely fun, and powerful, to work with....
4 months ago

9.0: New Tableau Public Mapping Experience

With the release of Tableau Desktop Public Edition 9.0, the mapping experience has been reimagined. We have listened to feedback from bloggers and journalists desiring for more of a consistent user...
4 months ago

New in 9.0: Formatting the Story Points Navigator

Y'all asked and our development team delivered! It's now easy to format the story points navigator to your liking. I used this feature recently when revamping the very first viz I ever made before...
4 months ago

9.0 Zen - Flowing Analytics Pane

Analytics in the Flow – no it’s not a new yoga style; it’s actually a group of fantastic new features in 9.0. One of these features is the new ‘Analytics Tab’ that lets you quickly drag and drop...
4 months ago

New in 9.0: Data Interpreter and Cleanup Tools

With the release of Tableau Desktop Public Edition 9.0, there's a ton of goodies for journalists, bloggers, and viz fans to be excited for. For me, the most exciting features are the ones that make...
4 months ago

Spring is in the Air

Fast meets Smart: As you may have heard, Tableau Desktop - Public Edition 9.0 was launched earlier this week! This brand new version of Tableau Public is packed full with new, rewarding features that...
4 months ago

Announcing the Launch of Tableau Public 9.0

We're excited to announce that Tableau Public 9.0, the latest version of our free software that lets you quickly and easily create richly interactive data stories for the web, is now available for...
5 months ago
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