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How a Small Data-Viz Tweak Can Tell a Radically Different Data Story

Do you see a frog or a horse? Note: The following is a guest post by Tableau Zen Master Joshua Milligan. It is amazing the difference a single change to a data visualization can...
3 months ago

Learning about Data-Driven Journalism in Davos

What is the opposite of foreshadowing? Reporters covering the World Economic Forum in Davos can be excused for getting a false sense of tranquility as they make their way up to the Swiss ski resort....
3 months ago

What to Expect from Data Storytelling in 2016

Note: This piece first appeared in ComputerWorld. Data storytelling is undergoing a big change, one that will influence not only data journalism but also how data is shown in the business...
3 months ago

#DDJMonth: Putting the Focus on Data Journalism

There are many different types of Tableau Public authors—from data bloggers to scientists, to researchers and students. One specific type of author can continually, and almost exclusively, be found...
3 months ago

Mapping Month Roundup: 7 Different Types of Tableau Public Maps

Tableau Public isn't "all" about maps, but it's pretty close. Half of this year's Viz of the Day winners include a map of some kind or another. Maps in data visualization are a great way to show...
4 months ago

How to Make (and Save!) a Custom Mapbox Map for Your Viz

Seriously, this is going to rock your Tableau map world. First, sign up for a free Mapbox account and download Mapbox Studio Classic. Open the program and select one of the map styles to use as the...
4 months ago

Viz the #MakeoverMonday Challenge!

Hone your data-viz skills by joining the two Andys for #MakeoverMonday! Our own Andy Cotgreave and Tableau Zen Master Andy Kriebel are leading the weekly exercise. Their goal is to encourage people...
4 months ago
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