Regular dispatches from the Tableau Public Team.

Reviziting Bush, Gore, & Florida

It’s politics month here at Tableau Public! We are preparing for Election Day in the US (November 4th people, mark your calendars!) with our #VizTheVote theme, and so we thought we would write some...
7 months ago

Senatorial Actions

For #VizTheVote month, I found some surface level data about the 100 United States Senators – name, party, class, and website. At first, I wasn’t sure of what kind of viz to make because there were...
7 months ago

It's Politics Month! #VizTheVote

It’s politics month! With the midterm elections coming up at the beginning of November, it seemed like the perfect time to do politics month - #VizTheVote! We will feature a wide-range of...
7 months ago

Fanalytics 2014: Feed your Passion for Data

One may think that basketball, the Partridge Family, and Seattle street accidents have nothing in common. However, a shared thread between each of these is DATA and the desire to have fun by...
7 months ago

The session that launched a thousand blogs

I had the extreme pleasure of hosting two great Tableau Public panels at TC14 in Seattle this year. The first was called "Making a Viz that Stops Traffic" and I was joined by three Tableau Public all...
7 months ago

Dash Board Top 10

Since joining the Tableau Public team three weeks ago as its first Sports Data Analyst, I have had the enviable job of coming up with interesting visualizations about football data, to herald the...
7 months ago

Tableau Public and ONA14

Last week the Tableau Public team traveled to the 2014 Online News Association conference in Chicago to talk data driven journalism with journalists, editors, and technologists from around the...
7 months ago
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