Regular dispatches from the Tableau Public Team.

Tableau Public is all over #DATA14

If you're a Tableau Public author at the Tableau Conference in Seattle this week, there's good news! There are many ways to get involved and connect with fellow enthusiasts at #DATA14: 1. The...
7 months ago

Mapping Month Round-up

#MappingMonth has been a huge success! With a wide range of content from tutorials to applications of mapping data in Tableau, we have seen a lot of great work done by the Tableau Public community....
7 months ago

4 Quick Design Tips for Maps

Tableau maps are quick and easy to make. Just a few double clicks and your data is displayed geographically. But with a few quick tweaks, you can make your maps even better at displaying your data....
7 months ago

Mapping UK Airspace

Editor's note: This Mapping Month guest blog post was written by Craig Bloodworth of The Information Lab. See it published on The Information Lab's blog here. As somebody who’s always...
7 months ago

Fun with Alternate Map Projections

When you create a map in Tableau, by default you're creating a map in the Web Mercator projection. At present, Web Mercator is "the de facto standard for web mapping applications", and is used by...
7 months ago

Announcing Fanalytics, Part 3!

Data sleuths unite! The Fanalytics Workshop is back by popular demand. What is Fanalytics? It's a gathering of Tableau Public authors (and those who want to find out more about what that means) for...
8 months ago

Mapping and filtering data with custom polygon maps

Tableau has many great built-in geographic areas available for mapping data. And if the geographic areas you’re interested in using aren’t available, Tableau can draw maps of any area type using...
8 months ago
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