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2019.3 Available for Windows and Mac (OS 10.13 and 10.14)

System Requirements

2019.3 Feature Highlights

Explain Data

Explain Data automatically provides AI-driven explanations for unexpected values in your data with a single click. Available as you’re creating a viz or dashboard, Explain Data uses powerful Bayesian methods to surface statistically significant explanations behind data points. Behind the scenes, hundreds of potential explanations are checked and the most likely ones are surfaced. Every explanation is a viz that can be explored with the full power of Tableau, keeping you in your analytical flow as you dive deeper into your data.

Parameter Actions

Parameter actions just got more powerful with three new aggregation functions: first quartile, third quartile, and concatenation. You also now have the option to create new parameters directly from the parameter action dialog.

More Features

Automatic mobile layouts

Build mobile-friendly dashboards in seconds with automatic phone and tablet layouts. Use the layouts as they come, or customize further to create the best mobile experience for your dashboard.

Google Sheets

In Tableau Public we want you to be able to access you your data wherever it’s stored. That’s why you can connect directly from Tableau Public to Google Sheets. And if your Google Sheets data updates, you can set your viz to auto-refresh as often as once per day.

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