December 24, 2013
4 years ago
Our next viz is by Craig Bloodworth, it takes a holiday theme to birth data to show the distribution of births by day of the week.

Next we have an Advent calendar from Matt Francis with links to his top 25 Tableau resources, including blogs, forums, and viz authors to follow. Make sure to check out his link for Christmas Eve

We have yet another Advent calendar, this one built by Jewel Loree. Each day this month a new viz ornament was added - take a look below and pick out your favorite vizzes of the year, the final one will be added tomorrow.

Last but not least we have a holiday themed light up peg board from Ben Jones. Download the viz to see how it was built.

Holiday Viz Round-up

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The Tableau Public team wishes everyone a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year. Today we have a collection of holiday themed vizzes. The first one by our very own Jewel Loree shows the chance of snowfall on Christmas in U.S cities. Select your town from the map and the weather app below will update to show you the weather forecast.

Viz of the Day