February 25, 2011
7 years ago

This first view shows the geographical distribution of Oxfords student body. The drop down filter on the top right in the interactive version allows the user to change the view to represent Gender, Fee Status and Domicile.

With the beautiful table below the percentage bars, you can tell in just one view that over 40% of the Post Graduate Research Medical Sciences department is from the UK, and that corresponds to 480 students.

Andy has also created views showing the student count over time(below) that give context to the current status in the nationality view.

We decided not to post the interactive originals here, because we would have had to shrink them and hamper their effectiveness.

Oxford Student Snapshot

Originally Published on: The Data Studio

Who makes up the student body of Oxford University? It may be a simple question, but Andy Cotgreave is not afraid to give a detailed answer. Take a look at his amazing visualizations here.