Polish Your Action Skills This Friday

日期July 31, 2012

Actions and interactivity are at the heart of all of the greatest Tableau Public visualizations. They allow you to take a static chart and turn it into a powerful analytic tool that can be interesting to thousands (or millions!) of different people. The reason is simple: if you can drill down into the data that is relevant to you, you are much more likely to find useful information in a graphic.

Unfortunately, there are so many ways that you can use actions in Tableau Public, many users are left with vizes that avoid actions entirely, or don't take advantage of them to the fullest degree. Thankfully, the full range of actions (and their capabilities) can be taught in less than thirty minutes - which is exactly what we aim to do this Friday at 9:30AM Pacific. Join our Advanced Training and learn everything you need to know about highlighting, actions and even URL actions.

Still not convinced? Take a look at what actions can do for your next viz, below:

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