Social Media Viz Contest Entries

Jewel Loree
日期August 5, 2013

We are so excited about the awesome entries to our Social Media Viz Contest. We've rounded up all the submissions here for your viewing pleasure. We will announce the winner this Friday, but before we do it's up to YOU to choose the crowd favorite! View the entries by clicking on the thumbnails below. Use the Twitter buttons below to vote for your favorite viz. The viz with the most Twitter votes by Friday will win our crowd favorite prize of $500!

Peter Gilks- The Facebook World Atlas

Raghavshyam Ramamurthy- A Pictorial Story of How Facebook Connects the World

Paras Doshi- Get more likes, Get more Shares, Get more Comments!

Matt Lee- Twitter Feed Metrics

Tanya Cashorali- MBTA Service Alerts vs. Twitter Activity

Russell Spangler- Which Food Is The Coolest?

Kelly Martin- Game of Thrones, Red Wedding tweets (WARNING: Spoilers!)

Michael Gaberich- Coming and Going on Facebook (Pew)

Rupert Stechman- Black and white and red all over

Jeffery Shaffer- Bank Sentiment and CFPB Analysis

Jeff Roberson- Facebook around the World

Ken Black- Who is Tweeting About Tableau and Big Data?

David Newman- Grading the NFL Draft Using Twitter

Alex Spiewak- Facebook Survey Big Data

Anya A'Hearn- Twitter TV

Brad Earle- TEDxGSO

Nick Hermez- Netflix, Pepsi, and Verizon