Tableau Public on the iPad: “So good, so good, so good!”

Alex Morrison
July 31, 2011

Tableau Public 6.1 is here and available for download. There are two key things you need to know.

First, all of your existing vizzes now work better on the iPad. There’s more below about exactly how they are better, but the important thing to know is that you don’t have to do anything. Your vizzes are already better.

The second thing is that Tableau Public 6.1 has lots of great new features, including deeper international geocoding, formatting for different languages and other tools that make authoring easier. To get these you need to download Tableau Public 6.1.

Tableau Public, a day at the ball park, and the iPad

Peanuts and the summer sun, crackerjack and the crack of the bat, the iPad and Tableau fantasy baseball vizzes on that iPad at the ballpark.

It’s “so good, so good, so good!” as 40,000 Red Sox fans would doubtlessly sing, loudly praising the new optimized mobile experience, though maybe a bit off key.

As a Tableau Public author, you may or may not be moved to operatic but both you and your readers will notice your visualizations are working better on iPads. That’s because our 6.1 release centers on improving the mobile experience where you touch instead of click.

The touch optimization includes:

  • Popup menus (for fingers not mice)
  • Tap to filter
  • Pinch to zoom
  • Dynamic finger swipe scrolling

And there’s no need to update or resave your vizzes – they work better on mobile automatically.

There’s so much more in Tableau Public 6.1:

  • Formats for language and locales: Dates and number formats for your language and location.
  • Dark Maps: A new map style that can make your data really pop.
  • Deeper Geocoding: Post Code Geocoding for Australia, Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand and Out Code geocoding (the first 3 digits) for the United Kingdom
  • View data anywhere: See underlying data from anywhere in Tableau Public
  • Links on dashboard images: Hyperlink an image to a website
  • Legend layout options: More control over legend layouts

But remember even if you're an existing author, you have to download the updated version of Tableau Public 6.1 to get these great features.


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