Terrorism in the US

October 27, 2011

This Guest post was written by Adrian Abarca, a Tableau Customer. It does not reflect the opinions or views of Tableau Software.

Terrorism is a major topic of discussion in the media and other forums. In this deluge of conversation, I find myself wondering if the average American truly understands the overall impact of the incidents that have occurred here in the US. Based on my background in the Military and experience with Anti-Terrorism, I am extremely passionate about this subject.

When the topic of terrorism comes up, I typically reference specific publications in hope that my audience would review and analyze them. Unfortunately, they never have. I asked a friend why he never read the information I sent him? His response was very common not only in this setting but in the business arena, “I don’t have time to sort through all this information, just tell me what I need to know”.

That type of statement or challenge is what drives me at work. I created this dashboard as a future reference tool for my discussions which I would have available on my Ipad. This dashboard gives the user the ability to interact with the data and ask questions, instead of reading through pages of data and analysis. Tableau Software assists analysts by transforming data into a rich interactive experience for the end user. Using the power of data visualization, this information can now be clearly communicated effectively.