The Tableau Public Pledge

一月 2, 2013

Happy New Year from Tableau Public!

Photo: Seattle Times

But of course, what is a new year without New Year’s Resolutions?

Here at Tableau Public, we have one of our own. We call it, the Tableau Public pledge. In 2013 (and beyond), our team pledges to:

  • Learn and showcase visual best practices. This is more than just ‘don’t use gauges,’ but to understand why they’re ineffective in data visualization (but great for driving). This also means, as much as humanly possible, to follow established scientific principles behind how our brains can best process visual information.
  • Experiment. Data visualization is not new, but the aspect of data storytelling, or using visuals to really communicate data—to make a point—is only starting to gain momentum. That means trying new ways of communicating data. Do the same principles for analyzing data hold true when trying to present data? What have some important visualizations in history done? Let’s find out.
  • Teach others. Like with any skillset, it's important to share what we've learned with those who are just getting started. Data visualization is a powerful medium to convey insights and stories within data. The more people who learn to wield it, the better.
  • Foster a constructive community. Everyone at some point is a greenhorn to data visualization. It takes courage to build something and share it with the world. Take the time to understand the goal and intent of the author. Applaud well-told data stories and provide helpful feedback when you feel there are other ways to show the data.
  • Above all, be gracious. We all will make mistakes. Everyone has time constraints. Every visualization is—on some level—a compromise. Most importantly, we’re all learning. Be bold with ideas, humble with criticism.