The Week of the Author: Spotlight on Journalists

July 24, 2013

(This is the 3rd blog post in a series celebrating “The Week of the Author”. In the previous post, we shared our interview notes from a diverse group of authors. In this post, we’ll be shining the spotlight on journalists.)

Without a doubt, Tableau Public workbooks published by journalists generate more views than those published by any other group of authors. A quick glance at the Top 100 workbooks from any quarter reveals a long list of online newspapers that includes data journalism award winners like La Nación and The Guardian. (In yesterday’s post we shared interviews with Yanina Ronconi of La Nacion and John Burn-Murdoch of the Guardian.)

And it’s a truly global list. Workbooks are being published all around the world in online newspapers ranging from local municipalities like the Skagit Valley Herald all the way up to global news outlets like CNBC and Reuters.

To celebrate the great work of Tableau Public authors who are journalists, let’s take a look a few profiles of talented journalists from different parts of the world.

Click the image to open the author's profile page:

1. Chad Skelton, The Vancouver Sun

2. Kate Golden, Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism

3. Craig Butt, The Age

4. Aneurin Bosley, The Toronto Star

5. Cheryl Phillips, The Seattle Times

Here at Tableau, we applaud the work that journalists like Kate, Chad, Craig, Aneruin and Cheryl are doing every day. We're delighted that they've found Tableau Public to be a useful tool for them, and we're excited to be able to shine a spotlight on their work via their new author profiles.

Tomorrow's post: Spotlight on The Tableau Zen Masters! Not to overhype it, but this is a group whose profiles will just blow you way.