NICAR Training Part I- Beginner

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Posted by Jewel Loree二月 25, 2014

This week, Team Public is reporting from the Computer Assisted Reporting (CAR) Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. Today we will be holding two Tableau Public training sessions, a beginner session in the morning and an advanced session in the afternoon. Both classes are full, so we wanted to make the training materials available here for those who won't be able to join us.

In the beginner training, we will be working with this data set. The data has the top male and female names by number of babies named that for each state for each year since 1910. You can find the whole dataset, which includes EVERY name that was used more than 5 times by state, on

The viz we will be building together will look something like this:

In beginner training, we will learn about some of the basic chart types in Tableau, maps, formatting, and dashboard actions. A step-by-step walk through of building the Baby Names viz is available here. If you are going to be at the conference, we will also be hosting a happy hour on Thursday and having open office hours to help you with all your viz needs on Friday. During our office hours, we will also be showing off a sneak peak of our beta release of Tableau Public on Mac. Learn more about where we will be this week here.