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Posted by Ben JonesJune 2, 2014

BREAKING: The Tableau Public team is hiring five data analysts in London, Singapore, Tokyo, Frankfurt and Seattle!

Tableau Public openings

Needed to support overall growth

The use of Tableau Public is growing as journalists, bloggers, researchers and students around the world share interactive data on the web. Since launch in 2010, Tableau Public has grown to over 50,000 accounts and has served over 250 million views. With the launch of the highly anticipated Tableau Public 8.2 for Mac right around the corner, we're going to need some extra help. To that end, there are four open data analyst positions in the cities outside of the U.S. listed above, and one sports data analyst intern based in Seattle.

What we do

Our team of data analysts nurtures and supports the growing user base and community of Tableau Public authors. We are authors ourselves - we build "vizzes" - and we also train and educate other authors in a variety of ways, such as in-person workshops, live webinars, extended online courses, blog post tutorials, and one-on-one support.

Here are some photos from recent training workshops:

Tableau Public training workshops
Left and center photos by Travis Hartman

One of the most rewarding aspects of the job is shining the spotlight on the amazing work being done by authors on every continent. Take a look at our Viz of the Day page, and check out the recent Quantified Self contest submissions for some recent examples. We feel fortunate to be able to interact with the bright and expressive minds that create this kind of work.

The perfect candidate

What kind of person are we looking for to fill these positions? The data analyst on the Tableau Public team is a person with a unique blend of quantitative skills and creative talents. To tell engaging stories with data on the web, one needs to be able to think about an issue from a numerical perspective, and then express the key insights in an intellectually stimulating and visually appealing way.

Data journalists, data bloggers, analysts, math and stats lovers, infographics designers, and anyone with a knack for expressing data are all encouraged to apply below:

Where to apply

To apply for one of these open positions, click the links below to be taken to our Careers site, where you can also read the full job description:

  • London: Data Analyst - apply here
  • London or Frankfurt: German-English bilingual Data Analyst - apply here
  • Singapore: English-Chinese bilingual Data Analyst - apply here
  • Tokyo: English-Japanese bilingual Data Analyst - apply here
  • Seattle: Sports Data Analyst Intern - apply here

We're excited about adding new talent to our growing team. Tableau is an amazing place to work, and Tableau Public is making a meaningful contribution to the growing discourse on data. It's about telling the stories of our time, and we're looking for people who share our passion for data visualization to get on board.