Storytelling Viz Contest Entries

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Posted by Jewel LoreeJuly 21, 2014

This is it! Here are the last batch of entries to the Iron Viz at the Tableau Conference in Seattle in September. Now let's hear who YOU think should join the data brawl with our first contestant, John Mathis, winner of the Elite 8 Sports Viz Contest last March and Jeffrey Shaffer, the winner of our Quantified Self Viz Contest. Use the Twitter buttons to vote for your favorite viz! The crowd favorite will win a special prize of $500. The winner as chosen by our panel of expert judges will move on the the Iron Viz championship. So get to clicking those tweet buttons!

Paul Moran- Le Tour de France

Jonathan Trajkovic- Road accidents in France in 2012

Wayne Dunn- Philadelphia Police Citizen Complaints

Matt Francis- The Story of Malaria : A global preventable disease

Carl Allchin- The NBA Draft Revisionist History

Jared Kendall- The prescription drug epidemic - and the lives it claims

Ben Fox- Gas Story

Sambit Tripathy- Earthquake - In a nutshell

Austin Tidmore- Labor Statistics and the US Economy

Stephen Wagner- Poverty and School Performance

David Taylor- Problem areas of the popular U.S. Baby Names dataset

Robert Radburn- The Student University Experience

Russell Spangler- Whatcha Know About Bacon

Marek Koenig- Fracking in Oklahoma

Steve Fenn- History of the FIFA World Cup by Era

Brian Franklin- 2014 World Cup Predictions

George Gorczynski- Capital Punishment in the United States

Stewart Pickering- An Introduction to Ramadhan

Chris Toomey- Curse you Madden!

Dan Piecuch- Vancouver Cyclists