It's Mapping Month!

Posted by Tara WalkerAugust 5, 2014

It’s mapping month! With the new and improved maps in 8.2, it seemed like the perfect time to have mapping month! We have rebuilt the maps from scratch in-house to now include a much faster and better experience. We will have a wide range of content this month... from how-to/tutorials to guest blog posts.

#MappingMonth Line-Up

  • Be sure to check out our Viz of the Day page, as many of the vizzes we highlight will contain maps.
  • Destination Data: With TC14 right around the corner, we'll be featuring many vizzes about our hometown of Seattle–which also happens to be the location of TC14.
  • Keep your eyes out for a post from Jewel Loree about map styles and formatting options.
  • Andrew Cheung will bring us more information about blending data using custom shape files.
  • A lot of amazing work on maps has been done in the community, such as posts about different WMS servers and geo-coding data. We'll re-highlight some of these posts such as this custom mapping mayhem post from Anya A'Hearn, Craig Bloodworth and Allan Walker. In fact, we'll have a few guest posts from some well known Tableau mappers.

Get involved!

If you see an awesome Tableau map, tell us about it by using #MappingMonth Tweet this! Who knows, we may highlight the map as viz of the day or in one of our #MappingMonth round-up blog posts! If you have an idea or suggestion for a mapping month blog post, email us at We also encourage you to become involved in the community by attending local meetup group like OpenStreetMap's 10th Anniversary Event.

I personally love traveling and exploring... so naturally I love making maps in Tableau! Check out the following viz that I made about Seattle coffee shops.

Happy Mapping!