#VizMakeover Contest

Posted by Sophie SparkesNovember 30, 2014

Editor's note: As part of #TableauDesignMonth - Part 2 we ran a #VizMakeover competition: redesign the What is the World’s Biggest Cash Crop viz by Information is Beautiful. We were amazed by the number of great VizMakeovers we recieved and we are excited to announce the winner.

The Winning VizMakeover

A big congratualtions to M2 for their brilliant redesign of What is the World’s Biggest Cash Crop. We were impressed by the clean design of this visualization which drew us into the story being told with the data - that the most planted and fertile crops aren't necessarilly the most lucrative.

M2's winning VizMakeover (click image to view interactive version)

We would also like to give special mention to our runner-up Stephen Mitchell for his great VizMakeover.

VizMakeover 'Mix'

While there can only be one winner, we wanted to showcase the all the great VizMakeovers we recieved. It was inspiring to see the variation in design and all the different strories that were told based on the What is the World’s Biggest Cash Crop data. Click the image below to view an interactive version and explore the great work of members of the Tableau Public community.

VizMakeover entries (click here or on the image to view interactive version)


Is this a monthly contest?

How do we get notified in advance of the next viz contest?