Recap: Fanalytics 15

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Posted by Ben JonesNovember 2, 2015

Last month at the Tableau Conference in Las Vegas, we were excited to welcome over 200 fellow data visualization enthusiasts to the 3rd annual Fanalytics meetup and conference after-party. The event started with three 20 minute presentations given by Steve Fenn, Brittany Fong and Russell Spangler. After a short break, the attendees broke up into teams and used Alex Ross's Twitter web data connector to analyze #data15 tweets. The winner, Chloe Tseng (of Twittter!) created an amazing interactive dashboard.

Here are all three presentations and the winning viz:

1. Steve Fenn presented "Favorite Sports Data Visualization Practices"

2. Brittany Fong presented "Steps to Creating a Viz for Tableau Public"

3. Russell Spangler presented "DATA VISUALIZATION + FOOD"

4. Chloe Tseng won the 2015 Fanalytics Viz Contest with her viz "What People Tweet About #data15?"

We'd like to extend a special THANK YOU to our three presenters and all who attended the enven. It was great spending time together and talking about how we can use the data visualization skills we learn in our day jobs to talk about topics we're passionate about and champion causes we believe in.

Here's looking forward to Fanalytics 2016!


Wow! Thank you, Steve Fenn, for using story points in a way that makes them palatable! It just looks like a progress bar the way that you've formatted them. Very intuitive, but more importantly, it's much "prettier" than the defaults! There's a chance I may actually use them now! (Although, when I tried to replicate it I was unable to reduce the miles of "cushion" around the navigator. I'd love to know how you managed that!)